Morecambe has sunniest July in history

Morecambe had its sunniest July ever.
Morecambe had its sunniest July ever.

We have just lived through the sunniest July in Morecambe of all time.

The town basked in 308 hours of glorious sunshine, 63% more than the long-term average.

Sunny Morecambe topped the pile as sunniest place in the North West in the eighth warmest July in the UK since Met Office records began.

The hottest day in July in the resort was Friday 25th when temperatures topped 28.2C.

Hours of sunshine in a day in Morecambe hit a high point of 15.9 on Thursday 10th and Tuesday 22nd.

Sunshine hours for the UK totalled 228.7 hours, although this was not as sunny as last year’s July, which was 248.7 hours. The record is 256 hours of sunshine in 1955.

Rainfall was also down nationally as it was the driest July since 2006.

There were 16 days in July when Morecambe experienced no rain whatsoever.

June was drier though, as Morecambe had a total of 17 days without rainfall.

Councillor Ron Sands, cabinet member for tourism on Lancaster City Council, said: “This is a truly wonderful record for Morecambe.

“We have long been consistently the sunniest place in the North West.

“Such a high number of hours of sunshine in such a key month is a spectacular performance for the resort.

“I also think that with the number of problems our airports are having, more people will start to think about ‘staycations’ at home.

“Being the sunniest place is a great asset in attracting important business to our local economy.”