Morecambe family take up vlogging craze

Picture of Dad, Luke, Mum Fiona and their two boys, Roman (1) and Travis (4)
Picture of Dad, Luke, Mum Fiona and their two boys, Roman (1) and Travis (4)
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A Morecambe family are following in the footsteps of reality TV stars the Kardashians and the Osbournes as they record their daily lives online.

As the world becomes engrossed with reality TV another platform has emerged in the form of video blogging (vlogging).

Vlogging, a video version of a blog, is becoming a worldwide trend and many use YouTube to record their entries.

Famous vlogger, Zoe Suggs, otherwise known as Zoella made a name for herself after creating a beauty and fashion vlog and now has more than six million YouTube followers

The Woodhouse family have joined in on the craze and currently have 15,655 views and 245 subscribers to their channel.

Not famous status just yet but the family, who have been vlogging for nearly a year, are in it for a different reason.

Luke, 27, and Fiona, 25, who live on Pennine View, decided to start their vlog to create a living photo album of their two boys Roman, one and Travis, four.

But the couple never expected to gain a following for their clips.

Luke said: “Even though we are very small in the ocean of vloggers it is just amazing how many people want to watch our videos.

“We get a lot of support but you do get occasions where people say ‘who would want to watch out your life?”

The boys quickly became accustomed to the camera and even recognise the beep when it is ready to record.

Fiona said: “I love filming my boys, I think they steal the show.

“As soon as Travis hears the camera beep he comes running to say hello and wants me to show what he’s up to.

“It’s becoming a way of life now, I can’t imagine what point in the future we would stop.”

The family try to record each day with a new entry going on Youtube a few times a week.

Although they don’t mind their life becoming a visual diary they are particularly concerned about their privacy as Luke explains.

“It is a little bit surreal sometimes.

“We don’t show the door number or the boys uniforms when we are filming in terms of our privacy and we don’t put our car registration on either.

“We don’t mind some information being known we just have to be careful.”

From trips out to walking their dogs the Woodhouse’s have got it covered and are fond of their new technique, describing it is an “easier way” to stay in touch with their family.

Luke said: “Family can see the boys growing up without us having to send them pictures every two minutes.”

Fiona said: “We are basically making a living photo album, it’s amazing to have so many memories to be able to go back and watch.

“Our families are supportive but I don’t think they really understand what it is we do.

“I don’t think they quite understand how many other families are doing the same across the world.”

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