Morecambe ex-club rep talks Magaluf scandal on ITV This Morning

Lee Watson.
Lee Watson.

Families were horrified when a couple had sex on a Magaluf beach right in front of them. And when an ITV daytime show needed a ‘talking head’ to discuss the lurid behaviour of young Brits abroad, they called for Morecambe man Lee Watson.

Lee, a former Club 18-30 holiday rep, appeared on the famous sofa with Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford to talk about the issue of young Brits going too far while on holiday in the sun.

Watson’s life as a holiday rep in Faliraki, Rhodes, made him a star of the TV screen in 2001/2 when he appeared in the reality show Club Reps.

“It’s not just Magaluf where this happens, this happens in most resorts...right across the world,” Lee told the presenters.

“I would say it’s a minority (doing it). Because everybody has a cameraphone now it’s easy for someone to record or take a picture. But even before my time, which was 10 years ago, this was going on. A lot of it is drink-related. Some of these people are only 18, 19, it’s their first holiday away from their parents, they go with a group, and they absolutely lose it. Maybe this is a step too far, if there’s families and kids watching.”

The debauched behaviour of young Brits holidaying in the Spanish resort of Magaluf recently came under scrutiny after a video emerged of a young woman performing a sex act on 24 different men during a night out. Then came the incident of the couple having sex in broad daylight. The authorities have vowed to crack down on such antics.

Watson is now one half of nightclub DJ and recording duo Fully Charged.