Morecambe dog waste investigation launched

An investigation has been launched after reports of dog poo being thrown into Morecambe alleyways.

Monday, 23rd April 2018, 2:26 pm
Updated Monday, 23rd April 2018, 3:31 pm
The dog poo in one of the alleyways in Morecambe.

The Lancaster City Council Dog Warden team are appealing for information after a number of back alleys in the West End are being used as litter bins for dog poo.

The alleyway behind Harrington Road and Hampton Road was recently covered in dog poo which was reportedly thrown from nearby properties.

“Unfortunately this is something that is happening quite often in the West End,” said a spokesman from Lancaster City Council Dog Wardens team.

“We suspect it’s one offender but it is very difficult to prove who is responsible so we are appealing for anyone with any information.

“I think people just think it is out of mind and out of sight, they don’t care, as long as it is out of their property, it is totally irresponsible, there is no excuse.

“It is our cleansing team at environmental services who clean it up, one lady who had to deal with this actually got it all over her uniform because it was everywhere.”

Dog faeces contains toxocara and can spread disease.

It is an offence not to clean up after a dog in the vast majority of public places and the maximum fine is £1,000.

If you are caught not picking your dog litter up you can face a fixed penalty of £80. If you have any information that will assist in the team’s enquiries please contact the Dog Fouling Enforcement Officer on 01524 582935 or email [email protected]