Morecambe could have a music festival too

CASTLE PACKED: Music lovers cram into Lancaster Castle courtyard.
CASTLE PACKED: Music lovers cram into Lancaster Castle courtyard.
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The roaring success of the Lancaster Music Festival has sparked calls for an equivalent in Morecambe.

Publicans, musicians and music fans have begun a debate on social media about running a ‘Morecambe Music Festival’ after the city’s weekend extravaganza pulled an estimated 32,000 people into Lancaster.

Almost every single pub and club in the city put on live music during the festival, bringing a bumper boost to the economy.

Five thousand people went through the Lancaster Castle gates during the five-day event, to watch live music on stage from acts including The Feud, Get Carter and the Lumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Company.

Venues reported an increase in trade with Penny Street Bridge breaking its sales records since it opened. A number of bank ATM machines ran out of money as people came from far and wide to watch the acts and shop in the city.

Some pubs were packed to the rafters. The Penny Bank was so crammed with people on Friday night for The Reggie Mental Band that it took 10 minutes to get from the front door to the bar.

The Yorkshire House was also full to bursting for a gig by Lancaster duo The Lovely Eggs.

Other Friday night highlights included a rollicking set of Madness and Ian Dury tunes at the Golden Lion by covers band Clevor Trevor and Morecambe rock duo Fuse (Si Thornton and Martin Fleming) at the Study Room. Overseas artists appearing at the festival included The Ragged Union Trio and Lacey Younger from the USA and Heidi Happy from Switzerland.

Saturday saw top performances including Carpe at The Bobbin and Icepops for Breakfast playing in Barclays Bank, of all places, while Sunday’s standout gigs included Guns of Navarone in Sun Square.

The annual festival was organised by Lancaster Music Festival committee and funded by the venues, sponsors and Lancaster Unlimited (the city’s Business Improvement District or BID).