Morecambe Christening cancelled

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A MUM has been left without a venue for her baby girl’s Christening in the wake of Morecambe’s Carleton club going into administration.

Paula Shacklady from Middleton was distraught to hear that the special event she had planned for her daughter Leah Pritchard had been cancelled.

Leah had been born prematurely and had suffered health problems so Paula saw the Christening as a particularly special event.

Paula had paid £50 to the club and had spent much-needed money on invitations.

“We’ve had no contact from the club,” Paula told The Visitor. “We found out through a friend.

“It’s quite a lot of money to me.

“Leah came two-and-a-half months early and she was in hospital for a few months in neo natal. She was very poorly. It’s a blessing that she is here.

“It means a lot of me to have the Christening. It’s meant to be taking place on April 29, but now we don’t have a venue. We had family coming from Liverpool and Manchester to it.

“We really wanted to celebrate Leah’s Christening.”