Morecambe chip-shop twins escape car smash

Twins Mak and Kat Mall.
Twins Mak and Kat Mall.
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  • Mak and Kat, 44, trapped in car after crash
  • Family business forced to close until further notice
  • Older brother thanks emergency services and residents

Twin brothers were lucky to escape serious injury in a car crash which has seen their family business forced to close.

Mak and Kat Mall, both 44, who run Sam’s Fish Bar in Queen Street, were rushed to hospital following the collision with another car in Lancaster Road on Sunday, June 7.

Sheila Smith from Rosebery Avenue in Morecambe took this photo at the scene

Sheila Smith from Rosebery Avenue in Morecambe took this photo at the scene

Firefighters from Lancaster and Morecambe attended the scene at 7.35pm, and had to use spreaders and cutters to remove the roof of the vehicle to release driver Mak, who was trapped inside the brothers’ green Ford Fiesta. The brothers’ parents were in the car behind them.

The twins’ older brother Sam, 45, owner of Sam’s Fish Bar, told The Visitor that he has had no option but to close the 25-year-old business until further notice.

Sam said: “My parents were behind them in their own car and as soon as it happened dad jumped out to warn oncoming traffic.

“Mak had his legs completely trapped, but Kat managed to get out before collapsing in the street.

“There were two off duty paramedics at the scene who stayed throughout, and it took nearly an hour to cut Mak out of the car.

“The emergency services were brilliant, we just want to say thank you to all of them, and I’d like to thank the residents in that area as well who came out of their houses to offer support and bring water.”

Sam, who is a health consultant, said that his brothers were out of hospital but were struggling with leg and back injuries and could not work until they fully recovered.

He said: “Everything we do is specialist, and Mak and Kat are the heart and soul of the business.

“We love what we do, but we can’t do it without them. Because of this we’ve had to close the business until further notice, but at least they are okay.

“Family comes first.

The driver of the other vehicle, a silver Nissan Almera, who is thought to be an 81-year-old man, was not badly injured.

Sam added: “We hope the other man is okay, and want him to know that there are no hard feelings.”

Lancashire Police said that Lancaster Road was closed between Burlington Road and South Road following the collision.