Morecambe Carnival's environment legacy

A new environmental legacy is being implemented for this year's Morecambe Carnival.

Friday, 27th April 2018, 10:09 am
Updated Friday, 27th April 2018, 11:11 am
Morecambe Carnival crowd. Picture by Trimpell Camera Club.

Organisers of the popular attraction are aiming to make this year’s event as environmentally friendly as possible.

“We already have a strong focus on social and economic benefits for the area and now want to tackle the environmental issues associated with our event,” said Carla Brayshaw, one of the organisers.

This year the Carnival Committee wants to introduce a ‘Trees ‘n’ Bees’ theme not only to raise awareness of the importance of trees to the environment and the plight of diminishing bee populations, but to start to create a Carnival Wildlife Woodland which is hoped to grow in size each year.

“This will go towards offsetting the environmental footprint of the event and will be a wonderful legacy for the town, for our children, grandchildren and future generations,” said Carla, who works at Aqua Engineering.

People will be able to ‘buy’ trees for £1 each at the event plus organisers are introducing a voluntary ‘green levy’ for businesses that benefit from the event to purchase a number of trees after the carnival (minimum 10 trees = £10, no maximum).

Working in conjunction with sponsor and partner Oakstone Environmental Consulting, they aim to begin working towards British Standard Sustainable Event Management accreditation.

Last year the carnival attracted 55,000 people over a weekend in August, bringing more than £3m to the local economy. Any pledges of volunteer support, business sponsorship or tree purchases can be made on 01524 409606 or [email protected]

“We are really excited about this project, this area is very special environmentally and we hope that the public will be very supportive,” said Carla.