Morecambe care centre staff take a walk for Alzheimer’s

Angela and Jane.
Angela and Jane.
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Two women who work at a Morecambe care centre will be putting their best foot forward at the weekend to help in the fight against Alzheimer’s.

Angela Carmon, activities coordinator at Lakeland View Care Centre in Heysham Road, and night carer Jane Champion will take part in the Blackpool Memory Walk for Alzheimer’s on Sunday.

Angela said: “My mum, Barbara Woollin, only passed away in August, after a long battle with Alzheimers and having spent the last eight-and-a-half years in Lakeland View as a resident.

“She had celebrated her 80th birthday last October. As a family we decided to donate her brain after she died for research into this very sad disease. This has been done through the Manchester Brain Bank.

“My mum was an amazing mum who brought up my brother and myself on her own. She followed nearly all the lifestyle suggestions they recommend for not getting dementia – she walked about 10 miles every day, ate regular healthy meals although did have a love of chocolate.

“She didn’t smoke and rarely drank. But sadly more than 10 years ago she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and in hindsight we can see it was showing signs long before she was diagnosed but we didn’t realise that is what is was.”

Jane and Angela also did the Memory Walk last year in Manchester.

Angela added: “We work daily with people suffering from many forms of dementia and we walk in memory of our residents past and present as well as my mum.

As the activities coordinator at Lakeland View I work, along with a great team of colleagues - carers, nurses and management – to give these people the best quality of life we can.

“Along with my colleagues we take our residents out as often as possible into the community.

“We attend the Neuro Drop In Centre in Lancaster for lunch and activities, we take residents shopping, out for lunches, trips for ice-creams, boat and train trips, zoos, museums, walks along the promenade and are currently organising to take one gentleman on holiday.

“In our home we have activities offered throughout the day including skittles, balls and balloons, colouring, painting and craft, dominoes, games and much much more.

“Musical entertainment is brought in and we enjoy an afternoon of dancing and singing every week.

“We have recently made links with Morecambe High School and our residents have gone to watch the children in their drama and music performances at the school.”

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* Lynne Edge, whose mother Joyce Pearson is a resident at Hillcroft Nursing Home in Slyne, will also take part in the Blackpool walk.

Joining her will be Joyce’s sister Valerie Goulding and Hillcroft team members Tom Mallinson, Emily Berrimen, Amanda Mayor, Connor McDermott and Gosia Malgorzata.

They can be sponsored at