Morecambe businesses must work together

How the shop looks from the outside at the moment...
How the shop looks from the outside at the moment...

When Michael Huett saw a photo of his empty shop as an example of Morecambe’s struggling town centre in last week’s Visitor, he quickly came into our office to put us straight, and rightly so!

“The shop won’t be empty for long... I’m doing it up!” said Michael.

Builder Michael then showed me around the unit on Queen Street, close to Morecambe job centre.

He is currently spending thousands on transforming the premises into a brand new family cafe, hoping specifically to attract children after school.

It’s exactly this kind of investment in the town our campaign #SOSMorecambe – Support Our Shops – seeks to encourage.

Michael, who also owns the Diverse Cutz hairdressers on Euston Road, has given the cafe a working title of ‘Taste’.

He wants to hire it out for meetings and functions.

But he said Lancaster City Council needs to help shopkeepers instead of weighing them down with “red tape”.

“The council need to be more flexible and encouraging to people who want to put their hand in their pocket and spend money on Morecambe,” he said.

“Instead, they’re on your back all the time. There needs to be more give and take.”

Michael also thinks Morecambe’s small business community needs to pull together and share ideas.

“There’s a lot of people in Morecambe with good ideas but they don’t work together. I want to hear from people with ideas of how we can use 
this cafe.”