Morecambe Bay cockling tragedy: Time will be the best cure for sad loss

COCKLING ANNIV 3'Five years on from the cockling disaster, Morecambe Bay.
COCKLING ANNIV 3'Five years on from the cockling disaster, Morecambe Bay.

A member of the Chinese community has spoken of the sad loss of the 23 Chinese cocklers in February, 2004.

Spokesman and vice-chair for the Lancaster and Morecambe Chinese Community Association, James Liu said: “It was a big shock to me. It was such a sad loss. Twenty three people lost so quickly and so meaninglessly.

“Their families are the ones who suffer for the rest of their lives.

“Time will be the best cure. Ten years on, I still can’t enjoy the sea view as much since it brings the memories back.

“I think we all learnt that we should never underestimate the power of nature.

“We just need to learn how to live with it in harmony and with respect.

“Dangers are present everywhere, you must be careful and don’t take any unnecessary risks.

“We need to be ready to give a helping hand to the unlucky ones.

“We never know what the future holds for ourselves.

“Following on from the Chinese cockling disaster, positive things have happened.

“Local people want to know more about our cultures -a country with a long history; a big country

with 56 ethnic groups.

“The formation of LMBCCA does give the Chinese community a voice and a representative group in the district.

“The main aims of the association are to promote Chinese cultures, to protect the Chinese heritage, with the help of Lancashire Library Service, some school children in different parts of Lancashire and some artists from Preston.

“We succeeded in making a beautiful 63 feet long dragon which had been travelling all over Lancashire in celebrating festivals with people from different background.

“It plays an important part in community cohesion.

“I feel that by understanding more of our cultures which are full of positive things this would make us more acceptable, perhaps more respectable.”