Morecambe actor’s Coronation Street cameo

Trevor Cooke
Trevor Cooke
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A well-known Morecambe character has enjoyed a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo on Coronation Street – from the afterlife.

Eagle-eyed viewers may have seen Trevor Cooke appear briefly as the dead husband of maneater Wendy Crozier in a recent episode of the TV soap.

Trevor’s big telly moment came when Deirdre Barlow and Rita Tanner called round to Wendy’s house to confront her on the November 5 episode, then Rita picked up a framed photograph of Wendy and her late hubby Mr Papadopolous...who was Trevor!

So now the DJ and children’s entertainer has an unusual claim to soap fame, having been ‘killed off’ without even appearing in the flesh.

“I didn’t know when it would be shown, then the other Monday night I started getting phone calls from my friends and family, taunting me about having another woman,” said Trevor, who regularly works as a television ‘extra’. “It just goes to show there is life after death!”

Trevor posed for the picture at Granada Studios in July.

He never actually met Roberta Kerr, the Lancaster actress who plays Ken Barlow’s former mistress.

Instead, her photo was superimposed next to him afterwards.

Trevor said he is not sure why Street bosses picked him to play Mr Papadopolous, but it may have been due to his Mediterranean looks.

A former contestant on Britain’s Got Talent, Trevor has appeared on Coronation Street as an extra before and also on Waterloo Road, Hollyoaks and several TV ads.