Monster sprouts as big as golf balls in Morecambe

Monster sprouts in Morecambe.
Monster sprouts in Morecambe.
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Monster sprouts, bigger than the size of golf balls, will hit Morrisons in Morecambe on Central Drive this week.

The gigantic brassicas are the biggest for a decade, growing 20 per cent larger than a normal year.

The super-size sprouts will measure approximately 40mm wide and 45mm long. Each sprout is expected to weigh about 35 grams, compared to a ‘normal’ 15 grams.

The sprouts have grown to an enormous size due to milder weather and good growing conditions throughout the British summer and autumn.

The monster sprouts will have the same sweet and mild taste. T

hey will be the same vivid green colour. Though large, the sprouts will also have tightly packed leaves and a lovely crunchy texture. However, they will take an extra 1-2 minutes to cook, due to their giant size.

Doug Lakeland, Store General Manager at Morrisons Morecambe said: “Normally, the sprouts we sell are only 30mm in diameter and weigh 15g. We expect these bigger sprouts will be highly sought after by some sprout lovers!”

John Clappison, one of Morrisons sprout growers, said: “Our sprout plants have loved the warmer weather. The higher temperatures have made them shoot up and produce the biggest most succulent sprouts that we’ve seen 10 years!”

Over 1,000 tonnes of the super-size sprouts will be supplied to Morrisons over the winter. The sprout season normally runs until the end of March.

Morrisons sprouts take only 48 hours to get from field to store, meaning the supermarket offers some of the freshest on the market.

Did you know?

Originally thought to come from Afghanistan and Iran, records show the Romans cultivated Brussels sprouts. Belgium then grew the vegetable widely from the 13th century, giving them their current name.

There are more than 100 varieties of sprouts.

82,000 tons of Brussels sprouts are grown in the UK every year. The area covered by Brussels sprout fields in the UK is the equivalent of 3,240 football pitches.

Sprouts are in season August to April. New varieties and modern growing techniques have extended the traditionally shorter sprout season.

Overcooking sprouts makes them release bitter tasting compounds and sulphur-like smells which people find off-putting. Remember not to cook the sprouts for too long – approximately 7-8 minutes is perfect.

Buying sprouts on their stalk keeps them fresher for longer. Stand the stalk in water to keep them really fresh, and just pick what you need.

Bacon, chestnuts, lemon, almonds, nutmeg, cream, garlic all go well with sprouts.

Sprouts are a rich source of Vitamin C and folic acid.

The heaviest ever sprout was grown in 1992 and weighed 8.3kg (18lb/3oz).