Missing Morecambe Carnival Queen Trophy found in cupboard after 16 years

David and Carla Brayshaw.
David and Carla Brayshaw.
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The original trophy presented to the Morecambe Carnival Queen has been found after going missing for 16 years.

The cup was discovered in a cupboard on the site of the former Pontins at Middleton.

The original Morecambe Carnival Queen trophy has been found.

The original Morecambe Carnival Queen trophy has been found.

Its discovery comes more than two years after organisers put out an appeal to find all the original trophies ready for the carnival’s comeback in 2014 – but to no avail.

The Carnival Committee had resigned themselves to never finding the cups which went missing around the time the carnival ended in 2001.

But then Linda Freedman, manager of the retirement village on the site of the ex-holiday camp, came across the cup in the site’s leisure centre.

She told a resident, Kate Bowen, a volunteer at Heysham Heritage Centre. After a little detective work, Kate reunited the cup with David and Carla Brayshaw from the Morecambe Carnival Committee.

The cup will be cleaned and engraved with the names of the three Carnival Queens crowned since 2014 and then presented it to each future Carnival Queen.

“It is a small piece of local history,” said Carla, who is also deputy mayor of Lancaster.

“It was first presented in 1963 to Jacqueline Tyson and then finally to Ashleigh Maria Hirst in 1999.

“It would be nice to hear from any of the Carnival Queens from any of the years in between; they might like a photo with the cup or could even be part of the 2017 Carnival.”


1963 Jacqueline Tyson

1964 Joyce Hodgson

1965 Joyce Schofield

1966 Jill Huntington

1967 Sharman Bardsley

1968 Hilary Jackson

1969 Galen Ford

1970 Sara Stansfield

1971 Christine Anne Cradwell

1972 Karen Brook-Hunter

1973 Susan Marsh

1974 Kathleen Gough

1975 Carol Fatchett

1976 Janice Robertson

1977 Caroline Jane Barrow

1978 Paula Friend

1979 Christine Anne Schofield

1980 Elizabeth Anne Gibson

1981 Kilmeny Jane O’Connor

1982 Amanda Jane Charlton

1983 Susan Dawn Johnson

1984 Elaine McMurray

1985 Michelle Miller

1986 Gaynor Jane Davies

1987 Karen Greaves

1988 Sally Jane Holling

1989 Nicola Jane Robertson

1990 Victoria Anne Brett

1991 Natalie Rachael Burton

1995 Tasmin Liane Lamb

1996 Gina Louise Vescovi

1997 Danielle Lauren Lamb

1998 Natasha Katherine Bates

1999 Ashleigh Maria Hirst

2014 May Mashiter

2015 Lucy Hood

2016 Millie Potter-Thomas