Miranda Hart to host Easter Eric Morecambe show

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TV COMIC Miranda Hart will host a special programme about Eric Morecambe tomorrow night (Good Friday) on BBC1.

Miranda presents and executive produces ‘My Hero’, which tracks the career and life of Morecambe’s favourite son in the first of a series where stars reveal the real heroes in their life.

In a very personal and honest episode, Miranda reveals her fondness of her comedy hero and inspiration.

A scene filmed on Morecambe sea front sees the star cosy up to comedian’s statue and say: “I wish I could have met you, you old fool, I really do.”

In the episode to air at 9pm, Miranda follows the star’s career meeting people who knew him personally and visits places where he appeared with his comedy partner Ernie Wise.

The journey following his life takes her across Britain from the promenade of his home town of Morecambe to the studio of an Essex artist who once painted the comedian, to Wales which is home to writer Eddie Braben, the unseen face beind the some of the comedy duo’s most memorable moments.

Miranda admits her comedy style is inspired by Morecambe and Wise and said: “All my looks to camera I got from him. I wanted to do a show that honoured his tradition.”

There will also be rare Morecambe and Wise footage shown.