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Texas ‘I Don’t Want A Lover’ has one of the greatest, most evocative openings to a pop record ever.

Can you believe that song was actually a hit back in 1989?

Longevity is often considered the measure of true success in the music world and Texas are just about to go on tour to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

Sharleen Spiteri stopped by my show on The Bay to look back on that quarter of a century.

“No it doesn’t seem like that long at all.” She told me.

“They say time flies when you are having fun and I’m still loving it.”

To celebrate the milestone the band have recorded a new album featuring some brand new tracks and some of their old classics with a twist.

“I’m the sort of person who never likes to look back, I’m always looking for the next song. But we felt we had to celebrate the 25 years somehow so to move it forward we recorded some of our big hits from various points of our career to make it sound like one cohesive album.

“People get wary when we say we have rerecorded the songs but we are really pleased with the new versions.”

Sharleen juggles her singing career with being a mum which means at home and in the car, during the school run, a lot of the music she is listening to has been chosen by a teenager.

“She absolutely loves ‘Five Seconds Of Summer.’ As a boyband they are quite rocky so I thought ‘if you like guitars I’m going to get you into some real bands.’ I made her a mixtape of Greenday, Nirvana and others. She loves it. She thinks I’m a cool Mum now because I’ve played at festivals over the years with these bands.”

Texas are about to embark on a UK tour. Don’t rush out though, trying to get tickets, it’s a sell-out.

Sharleen explained: “It’s going to be slightly different from your usual concert. We are going to be telling some of the stories behind the records, we will have questions from the audience and I will be using social media a lot to interact. It’s going to be fun.”

Often with bands when they celebrate their ‘Greatest Hits’ it usually means the end is nigh. Not for Texas.

“We are overjoyed and inspired by all the interest and support we are getting and the demand for the tour has been incredible. We will have to do another tour later in the year.”