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Marvin Humes.
Marvin Humes.
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LuvBug is not only a film featuring an out of control Volkswagen Beetle named Herbie, it is also the name of a new dance act who have been very busy building a name for themselves.

hey consist of Manchester-based producer The White N3rd, producer/songwriter JKAY and Marvin Humes who used to be in boyband JLS and now presents the chart show on the radio and ‘The Voice’ on the telly.

The trio are on the verge of a second hit ‘Revive.’ They popped into The Bay to tell us all about ‘LuvBug.’

“We are like a dance collective.” Marvin described.

“We are writers, producers and DJs who came together about 18 months ago.

“We have been working solidly and now we have a load of tracks to share with you guys.”

JKAY added “It’s actually great getting this stuff out there. I especially love seeing the reactions in the clubs.

“If you get a good response there chances are it will get picked up by radio.”

The guys have been playing sets in Las Vegas and Ibiza and creating a real stir.

Marvin said: “I’ve been dj-ing for years and the stuff I always play and enjoy is deep house stuff so it feels amazing to make this kind of music and there is nothing better than seeing a room full of people dancing and enjoying themselves to your music.”

Marvin’s career with JLS was hugely successful with several number one singles under their belt so it is an obvious assumption that he would take on the vocal duties in Luv Bug. Not so.

“I knew I wanted to stay in the music industry but I wanted to make tracks that I like playing in clubs.

“So I decided to make some house music and take a step back from the vocal side of things.

“I now look for great vocalists and I really enjoy the writing and production duties.”

The trio had their first success at the back end of last year when their debut single reached the top 20.

Marvin, who presents the Big Top 40 radio show, said that was a strange one.

“I was so nervous doing that show, now I know how all the other artist feel.

“It was weird too as I normally interview the new entries into the chart.

“I ended up interviewing the other two guys in LuvBug, very odd.”

I guess in his job he can always fiddle the charts and announce that they are at number one whether it is true or not!