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Elton John will be performing in Kendal.
Elton John will be performing in Kendal.
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Elton John surprised a few people when he announced his European tour dates and Kendal was on the list.

I initially thought it was a misprint. It’s a rarity for us to only have to travel down the road to see a major global artist.

I believe Elton likes to play in unusual venues and areas that are not used to outdoor gigs with thousands of people.

You can see how excited people are too. Tickets are like selling faster than half price shoes in a Boxing Day sale. I really hope it is a big success and persuades big artists and concert promoters to consider our beautiful area.

Don’t get me wrong we have some amazing venues around here and I’ve seen some of the best live music in this area but we tend not to be on the usual route the big artists tread.

With no regular stadium or arena shows round here we have to make the trip to Manchester, Liverpool or further afield.

There is nothing better than tarting yourself up for a gig, jumping on the train to Manchester and enjoying a show with a beer or three.

My biggest bugbear, however, is always that last train back. It’s just not very late. I remember going to a Paul McCartney concert at the Arena in Manchester a few years ago. It was a good ten minutes walk from the railway station and the last train was at something ridiculous like 10.30pm.

I was pretty gutted as he had just started ‘Hey Jude’ and I was looking at my watch nervously. In the end we had to run out before he had even got to the ‘na na na nas’ and sprint across town in a Linford Christie fashion, pushing people out of the way and just making the train with seconds to spare.

Of course there is always the option of pushing the boat out for these big gigs and living it up in a hotel. However concert tickets are not cheap anyway so it turns into an elaborate way to spend an evening.

I really hope Elton John inspires more artists to come and pay us a visit.