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Tulisa Contostavlos.
Tulisa Contostavlos.
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Former N-Dubz singer and X Factor judge Tulisa has not had the best of years it is fair to say.

She is no stranger to the front pages of the red tops. Finally, though, she is returning to doing what she does best and is releasing new music.

The track is called ‘Living Without You’ which combines personal, heartfelt lyrics and an infectious stomping dance beat. It’s the latest phase of her comeback following that moment on this year’s X Factor where she emerged from the sea in Bermuda in a white bikini not much bigger than a piece of dental floss.

She agreed to come on my show which I was really excited about. There is so much to talk to Tulisa about.

A forest worth of paper has been used with all the stuff written about her and it would be nice to hear from her perspective for once.

Unfortunately when the day arrived for the interview she was unwell and had to postpone.

Everybody loves a bit of cheesy pop every now and again, not that we all admit it. I remember when I was a student I used to hide my embarrassing CDs under the bed and just display the ‘cool’ ones. We all have guilty pleasures lurking somewhere in our record collections.

S Club 7 are certainly a cheese favourite of many. The group have announced they touring in 2015, their first in over a decade. This follows their performance on ‘Children In Need’ recently.

I had a look on Twitter after they had performed their medley of hits and the reaction was mainly positive which surprised me because I thought it was dreadful. Jo has always had the best voice in the band, yet she was out of tune in quite a few places and she sounded out of breath.

All the chorus sections were clearly mimed and the dancing looked like Granddad at a wedding after a few pints of ale. Jon and Tina seemed to make no contribution whatsoever. I hope they put in a bit more practice before the tour starts.