Milby On Music column

Sam Smith (centre) is set to release his first album.
Sam Smith (centre) is set to release his first album.

Sam Smith has had an incredible 2014 so far.

On the back of huge hits with Naughty Boy and Disclosure, he started the year winning the BBC Sound poll.

This was followed quickly by the Brit’s Critic’s Choice Award.

Then his debut single went straight into the charts at number one.

His second single has just done the same and he is making a big name for himself across the pond resulting in a performance on the top rated TV show Saturday Night Live.

Wow it’s not even half way through the year yet.

Last week Sam’s career hit a new high with an appearance on The Bay.

I asked him if he has managed to take it all in yet. “No!” he told me.

“It’s pretty amazing and everyday new stuff happens that I just can’t digest.

I’m just taking it all in my stride at the moment and working hard.

“It’s weird for my family and friends as I come from a really small village and it’s just huge there.

“I’ve just done a TV show in America with seven million people watching.

“I went from being the most nervous I’ve ever been to the most relieved.”

Sam Smith is about to release his debut album ‘In the lonely hour.’

“I’m so nervous about the album it’s mental.

“The record is limitless in terms of sound.” Sam told me.

“I wanted my voice to be the focus of the album because my voice is my instrument.

“That is what links all the songs together.

“There are country songs on this album, straight pop songs and electronic stuff.

“I just want people to listen to my voice and that’s what they have done with my first two singles” Sam’s soulful vocals have an extensive range and can scale heights most blokes can’t reach without the aid of tight fitting trousers.

Sam, however, trains his voice daily and has to look after it really well which means he can hardly ever indulge in a tipple.

He will be performing at shed loads of music festivals this summer.

I was keen to know whether he gets the time to enjoy them or is whisked in and out for his set.

“Festivals are odd to me. The first ever festival I went to was to perform so to me festivals are work places. But when you are singing they are quite hard work.

“They must be amazing fun for the punters but when I’m there I’m in work mode.”