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Tim Booth
Tim Booth
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Manchester band James are perhaps best known for their huge 90s anthems ‘Sit Down’ and ‘She’s A Star.’

It’s three decades since they formed and in that time they have racked up sales of over 25 million.

James are back with a brand new album ‘La Petite Mort’ which I genuinely believe is their best work yet.

Lead singer and main songwriter Tim Booth and bass player Jimmy Glennie stopped by on my show on The Bay for a chat.

The new album was written around the time that Tim’s Mum died and he also lost a close friend around the same time which results in some really poignant moments on the record.

I was interested in finding out if the writing process had a cathartic quality for Tim at a difficult time in his life.

“It wasn’t a difficult record to write because I tend to write unconsciously.

“It’s been a really difficult record to sing.

“Even worse when I perform it live because every so often I get completely taken aback by the feelings I’m feeling.

“We now have it so that the band are ready for it.

“If I break down they know to just keep going until I’m ready to carry on.”

I admire the work ethic of James.

Over thirty years together and they are still driven to produce new albums and they still believe their best work is yet to come.

Some bands would be quite happy just playing the Greatest Hits and collecting the cash.

Jimmy told me he can’t think of anything worse than trundling out the same songs every night.

“Stuff needs to come through us.

“It’s where we get our buzz and excitement.

“Plus it’s such an amazing thing to do.

“We don’t have a set songwriter who sits at home with a piano we just get in a room and jam.

“We start with nothing and something appears and I don’t understand how but it’s fantastic and so exciting and you are instantly thinking of playing it to people.

“The idea of stopping doing that would be just ridiculous.”

The band are touring extensively this year and don’t worry they still perform all the hits on tour as well as the new tracks.

To keep the sound fresh they may play them a little bit differently each night to keep things exciting for the band as well as the audience.