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Ashley Roberts. Photo: Ian West/PA Wire.
Ashley Roberts. Photo: Ian West/PA Wire.
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The Pussycat Dolls were the sort of girls your mother warned you about.

In the middle of the last decade they were certainly the biggest girl group in the world at a time when girl bands were not particularly in vogue.

They knew how to push people’s buttons with their sexually charged routines. A case in point was during a tour of Malaysia the group were fined three thousand dollars for their rather raunchy routines.

Women were inspired and blokes were mesmerised then slapped by their girlfriends for looking that little bit too much.

The group’s demise came about amid rumours of infighting, nastiness and jealousy. The girls all went on to separate careers. Most famously Nicole Scherzinger has had a few average solo hits and became a judge on the X Factor. Nicole grabbed most of the limelight in the group so Ashley Roberts had to find other ways to get her name known. She did this very successfully last year with a stint in the jungle eating Kangaroo’s danglies on ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.’

Ashley is preparing to release her debut solo album and popped into the Bay for a chat about her latest single ‘Clockwork.’

She told me the track is about “That relationship that you keep going back to because it’s got chemistry and passion but you know you shouldn’t. We’ve all been there!”

“The album will be out in the summer and has a little bit of everything. All facets of my personality are covered. I think there is a song on there for everybody.”

The pop world is a very harsh place in 2014. No longer will a record company persevere with an artist until eventually the hits start rolling. You’ve got to be fast out of the starting blocks otherwise your career can be over before it has even started. Ashley admits she is nervous.”I’m excited and I’m nervous and feeling everything I should be feeling. That goes hand in hand with putting your art out there and everyone is entitled to an opinion about it but I have to say I’m really proud of it.”

The Pussycat Dolls ended in an acrimonious way. I asked Ashley if she would ever go back. “It was such an amazing experience but now I get to have a creative input into my records and mould my image and do what I want to do. That is very rewarding. I never say never and the door isn’t shut but we are all focused on our own things right now. The whole thing was pretty crazy but we did alright.”