Mick Dennison column: You know it’s winter when posties wear long trousers

Mick Dennison
Mick Dennison
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You can tell when it’s winter around these parts – the postmen wear long trousers instead of their shorts! However, it doesn’t stop the young things around town being practically naked when they set out for the late night venues.

Another indicator that winter is on the way is the weather warnings you see in the national newspapers. All doom and gloom and the worst winter for decades sort of stuff; panicking everyone in Morecambe to get wrapped up...and...well, it goes somewhat slightly cold then almost back to summer balminess in a few days.

I used to live in Germany, not my choice I might add. The Army sent me. There are two weather conditions over there, hot in summer and freezing in winter – simple. You wear very little in the summer and then wrap up like an Arctic explorer when the white stuff starts falling, and oh how it falls. However, do you know what? Cars start, nobody slips in the street, people don’t come down with snivelling colds and folk still go out and socialise – there is no hibernation mentality that exists here.

I mention all this having stoked up the coal fire in the York and kept the heating on a few cold nights. By Sunday afternoon we were all stripping off and applying the factor fifteen, the weather was that much warmer!

Temperatures were rising on Saturday as we witnessed a cracking Merseyside derby, which resulted in a 3-3 draw. It was more exciting watching the Premier League instead of our very poor international teams or even worse, Conference football on BT Sport.

The satellite companies have some great games lined up for us over the festive period (weather permitting) and have worked round the loophole of not being able to show matches at three o’ clock. Because Boxing Day and New Year’s Day fall on a Thursday BT Sport have secured that kick-off time for a Premier League game with Sky obviously having the better pick either side.

What a great excuse to get away for a few hours to the pub escaping the family mayhem and enjoying a drink with the locals whilst getting to watch some football – my kind of Christmas!

Finally I know exactly when it’s winter here in the York – the Christmas decorations go up in houses across from the pub – in October!