Mick Dennison column: Poppy Appeal from British Legion

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So, how was the Seaside Festival for you? Back here in the York we saw half the population of Morecambe walking to the promenade on Saturday night, then saw them all come back afterwards. I don’t know if they stayed a while on the prom spending.

The fireworks seemed like a great ending to the weekend but there was more to come on the Sunday – what a pity the weather went against us all. With a lot of hindsight, would the organisers have put it on over the bank holiday, the weekend beforehand; when possibly there would have been more people around?

Early feedback from my fellow hoteliers and customers is it wasn’t well enough advertised. A hotelier did a poll amongst his guests and none of them had come to Morecambe for the festival and none of them knew it was on. I did again of course refer my pub customers to the Visitor, which did have a two-page spread but it was suggested that a banner, perhaps at the Shrimp Roundabout, would have done a lot to focus the attention of people entering the town as to events taking place.

From various emails that have been doing the circuit amongst the members of Go Morecambe and the Town Team etc, I expect a surgical autopsy on the values of this year’s festival over the next few days but one comment from a punter in the York was, “Where were the bands this year?”

Looking forward to this week, we have an opportunity in the pub trade to give our customers the England football experience as the national team strive to make it to the World Cup Finals next summer. We are all hoping that football fans will make the most of the start to the weekend by watching the game in all the various pubs in town. There is nothing quite like the atmosphere created in the pub during a sporting fixture. Don’t stay at home – enjoy the game with your mates.

Finally, I have an appeal from the British Legion. They need a Poppy Appeal Co-Ordinator very soon. If one isn’t appointed quickly there will be no appeal in Morecambe this year. Please get in touch with me in the York if you feel you have the skills to do this.