Mick Dennison column: Planting the seeds of our remembrance

Mick Dennison.
Mick Dennison.
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In 2014 the nation will prepare to commemorate the 100th anniversary of WorldWar One – a time for us in Morecambe to reflect on the 216 names on our town’s war memorial.

There will be many events during five years of remembrance; one local bus driver has come up with a great idea – a “Poppy Scatter”.

It’s the brainchild of Steve Trainer who works for Stagecoach and his seed of an idea has grown over the past few months.

The idea is simple. First of all a flowerbed has been selected for use in Happy Mount Park as a focal point where the public can scatter their poppy seeds. Secondly, people in the town will be encouraged to scatter their poppy seeds in a variety of places. to create a rolling sea of colour – turning Morecambe red!

By sowing Poppy seeds between February to mid-June, the effect will be in place for the 28th, the anniversary of the conflict. A list of local events to commemorate that time in history is now in the planning stage.

Heysham Village is to be the venue for a family fun day on Saturday 2nd August and a service of dedication for the Poppy Bed in Happy Mount Park will take place on Sunday 3rd Required now is support and ideas from the public.

Local supermarkets and shops are being encouraged to support the project by stocking poppy seeds for the public to buy and scatter. An idea raised by the committee is for the various organizations that make their own flowerbeds or baskets etc to send in photos to the Visitor.

The inaugural committee members are Steve Trainer, local councillor Margaret Pattison, Father Tom Davies from St Barnabas Church and Mike Dennison from the Royal British Legion. Anyone who wishes to get involved can speak to the committee who will meet on 18th.

The project was officially launched during the Remembrance Sunday lunch at the York Hotel where the aim was announced. It is a tribute to the fallen and all those who served in World War One. Also, any collections would be donated to the Royal British Legion and the Commonwealth War Graves.