Mick Dennison column: Link road can be our jewel in the crown

Mick Dennison. Pub Landlord. York Hotel, Morecambe.
Mick Dennison. Pub Landlord. York Hotel, Morecambe.

It was great to see a lovely picture of the central beach area looking almost Mediterranean last week and as I ventured out onto the prom.

I really hope the sun shines for the rest of the summer and those beaches get a lot of use, but what if the weather changes in Morecambe – what is there to do then?

I only bring this matter up after having a few conversations with B&B customers here in the York.

They tell me of the friendliness of the townsfolk and of course how good the view across the bay is, however they are not too impressed with what is on offer elsewhere.

One particular family were from Great Yarmouth, which they told me still presents itself as a traditional seaside town with all the usual things you would expect from such a place.

Not, as they said to me, second-hand furniture shops, supermarkets and a monstrosity of a mound of earth (The old fairground).

Of course, in defence of the town, I pointed out Happy Mount Park and Heysham Village as two areas they may like to explore but their retort was unless you like going into pubs all day what else is there for prospective holidaymakers?

Do they have a point, I asked myself.

Next, I was talking to someone from Southport who told me about the seafront they have there.

They have a pier, a fairground and a great shopping street with branded, quality shops.

Add to that the casino on the prom near the pier and a good smattering of nightclubs – can we compete with that here; what is there to do when it rains?

If a town master plan is to evolve the jewel in the crown must be the link road but while the tree hugging greens get all hot and bothered and attempt at this stage to scupper the plan, we may as well stay in the wilderness.

Get it moving though and it may just tempt bigger businesses into Morecambe giving us quality shops and attractions, enticing people to holiday here for more than just a day.