Mick Dennison column: Five-a-day versus a good old pint of ale

Mick Dennison.
Mick Dennison.
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We all have healthy living information thrown at us from everywhere nowadays and sometimes the messages are just too confusing.

This subject sparked a debate in the York last week amongst several, may I say, not too healthy punters (You all know who you are!) and between us, we set about proving that going to the pub can be good for your health.

Let’s start with our five a day. Look around any bar and the evidence is there on view, lemons, limes and cherries! Okay the cherries come from a jar but they are fruit – aren’t they?

Look up at the shelves – there are apple, blackcurrant and cherry sourz. In the fridge is pear and fruits of the forest ciders and a drink with healing medicinal powers – Crabbies; made with real ginger – the Chinese swear by it!

In the soft drinks fridge, we are really good with orange, pineapple, passion fruit etc, although I have been informed mixing them with strong spirits won’t be too healthy for you. Now a product close to my heart - Draught Cider! It’s made from apples, it must be good for you, never mind the fact Cask Ales that are made from such pure ingredients such as water, hops, malt and yeast.

There are other aspects of pub life that are considered healthy – darts and pool. You can cover miles walking round a table or backwards and forwards to and from the oche – just cut down on the fifteen pints of beer consumed between throws. Thirteen pints should do the trick.

Lastly, on this thought provoking subject, just think, if you live a distance from the pub; the walk there and back will do you the world of good.Back to reality – did you know its British Roast Dinner week this week until the 6th Oct, just time enough to finish off Cask Ale Week with a fantastic Sunday Lunch?

Don’t forget to ask the cook if they make real gravy – it makes all the difference. Finally, a little plug for the York – this Saturday we present a soul night with Motown, Northern and any other soul genres you can think of. The fun starts at eight – just after the Sunderland v Man Utd game and the Rugby Play Off Final – should be a great night.