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Mick Dennison. Pub Landlord. York Hotel, Morecambe.
Mick Dennison. Pub Landlord. York Hotel, Morecambe.
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At last! It seems there is someone else in the town that agrees with my campaign to get people shopping locally as Mr Hartley’s letter encourages us to in last week’s edition.

His observations regarding the view across the bay of the snow covered Lakeland hills is a reminder that we are truly living in a lovely part of the country.

Do we really need it blighted by multinational corporations taking money away from the local businesses?

We talk a bit in the York and I’m sure that goes for all the watering holes in the town. There is nothing like a heated debate slightly fuelled by the amber nectar, or whatever your tipple may be.

Often the talk revolves around our decision last year to stop serving food. To be honest, our kitchen staff did a great job, everything was home made using locally purchased ingredients where we could and value for money.

Okay, sometimes you waited a while, but that was due to the fact the food was cooked fresh and not waiting around in a hot plate or diving into the microwave with every order.

Sadly what we didn’t have above our doors was a massive corporate sign that everyone knew and marketing budgets that would be more than the yearly takings of a local business. It just wasn’t worth it.

Those large businesses know that people are going to be flowing through the doors every day and can pre-empt its needs.

Small locally run businesses need confirmed bookings; in our trade it’s christenings, wedding and sadly funerals. In fact, any event, where the numbers and requirements can be given in advance.

Sadly, local businesses can’t entice people off the streets with loss leading bargains and the mantra in the town is usually, “It’s too dear in such and such”.

So, taking a lead from Mr Hartley I would like a piece of that £26 million of extra money that could be sloshing around our local economy.

All it needs is a change in mindset from our local population.