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Mick Dennison.
Mick Dennison.
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If life wasn’t hard enough already for Britain’s hard pressed licencees with cut price deals in the supermarkets and various charities asking us to stop drinking for a month; a new threat could be coming our way from Scotland of all places.

Our Scottish cousins have recently borne the brunt of new initiatives from our government with the dreaded Poll Tax and No Smoking laws trialed before the rest of the country.

However, they have unilaterally decided via the ever strengthening Scottish Nationalist devolved muscle to bring in what seems to many north of the border a very draconian drink driving limit.

A new limit of 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood as opposed to 80mg was brought in just in time to have an influence on Scottish drinkers in the lead up to the festive season with startling results.

A hotel in Annan only sold two bottles of champagne and seven bottles of wine on Christmas Day whilst a golf club in Lockerbie seems to sell more coffees than alcohol these days.

To be honest – and I’m touching wood on the bar – in Morecambe most people I know walk or use taxis to get to and from the pub but I suppose it is the people that drive out to country pubs or golf clubs etc that would be the ones worried about being targeted.

Another group of drivers are those going to work early in the morning, they would certainly have to curtail drinking in the evening, once again emptying the pubs midweek.

At the moment I haven’t heard any political party talking of making this law in England and Wales but if the SNP secure enough MPs into Westminster in May then they could hold the bargaining power to maybe help form another dreaded coalition.

I’m sure the sales of those self breathalyzers will increase and I imagine I will be inundated from customers asking me if a half pint would take them over the limit. My reply to the question on how much you can drink and drive is zero alcohol.