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Mick Dennison.
Mick Dennison.
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Last weekend there were reports of fighting, assaults, verbal abuse of staff and general bad behaviour.

Was that in the pubs of our nation?

No, it was the backlash of Black Friday – welcome to the Christmas spirit.

You wonder, as a result of this American phenomenon, who is to blame for what can only be described as rugby scrums at the doors of big retailers and supermarkets.

Can we blame our American cousins or is it just corporate greed in order to kick-start the cash registers after the recession (There still is one in Morecambe).

Or is it the pre-Christmas greed of consumers who suddenly find money in their back pockets to go out and spend money on goods they probably don’t even need.

With our lack of large retail outlets in the town Black Friday sort of passed us by with probably the Game shop in the Arndale being the only place that did roaring trade.

I did hear of people rocking up at Sainsbury’s at 8am on Friday only to find they had started their sale on Thursday night and sold out of large screen TV’s.

Even the police in Greater Manchester criticised retailers for not thinking ahead and having inefficient security in place which led the head of marketing for Asda to say they have some learning to do as a result of the mayhem (and they brought this over from the USA via Wallmart).

One thought I had was if the big boys can slash their prices for one day or even the whole weekend they are not going to do it without making some sort of a profit.

So, why can’t they have the prices at a reasonable level all year round and avoid the wanton violence of one day which just about occurs when people have been paid their monthly salary.

This Saturday is the day we are being encouraged to use our local shops, I doubt there will be a mass panic to buy four pork chops from the butcher but it would be nice if you did think of us local businesses.

We can’t promise massive discounts but we can promise friendly service.