Mick Dennison column

Mick Dennison.
Mick Dennison.

At last, some good news as it looks like the town is going to get what seems to be a complete makeover; both at the Arndale Centre and the old Frontierland site.

Will we soon be losing the tag of having one of the worst high streets in the country?

As soon as the decision was made the talk in the pub was of which stores and leisure facilities would move in.

Will we get a Primark? Could there be a return of M&S and really pie in the sky – Debenhams?

After shopping ‘til they drop would punters be able to relax in a tastefully laid out bistro bar or heaven help us would Wetherspoons takeover – they seem to get everywhere else.

What about the little ones? Will there be an ice rink, a swimming pool or maybe even a fair.

We are after all a seaside town that is still struggling to find a seaside identity; this could be a great opportunity to showcase the once but now forgotten seaside spirit in the town.

Hopefully, and not to be left out of all the future plans should be the hard working local businesses that still remain in the town.

The ones that have had to put up with the lack of trade owing to heartless cuts to the festival budgets or the astronomical rents and business rates put before them.

With that in mind and before a foundation is laid on the new build why not support the shop local campaign on the December 6.

Now in its second year Shop Local Saturday is a UK wide campaign to encourage people to support their local independent shops (and hopefully pubs) on Saturday, Dec6. Traders groups, chambers of commerce and other groups all over the country are getting involved with events and promotions. Shop Local Saturday is part of a year-round campaign to encourage people to support their communities by buying from local businesses.

Who knows, with a bit of joined up thinking by our towns leaders there just may be a chance that local and national businesses can work together. Either that or welcome to franchise city.