Mick Dennison column

Mick Dennison.
Mick Dennison.

I woke up this morning (Monday) to a strange sound on Lancaster Road, it was the sound of silence – halleluiah it’s half term.

Yes, it’s that strange phenomenon which allows the traffic to flow freely between Morecambe and Lancaster as parents don’t have to mollycoddle their little darlings with lifts in the car to school.

It means all the hard working people of the region can have that extra ten minutes in bed or an extra cup of coffee with their breakfast before driving out onto almost deserted roads.

Just why do so many parents feel the need to drive their children to school?

Let them get some exercise and walk or take the bike; I’m sure the future nation’s health would be better for this little sacrifice right now.

I expect to take a bit of flak for that comment as some parents feel there is danger lurking round every corner but I’m sure there was when I was young but I still made it to school in one piece – without a lift in the car from my mum or dad.

The silence of half term is shattered in the evenings as gangs of ferrell teenagers take the meaning of Halloween far too literally as they howl around the streets into the late night screaming like zombies at each other.

The serenity of residential streets is shattered by these gangs who feel the need to shout questions and obscenities at friends, just yards away from them.

Of course we don’t see the police around the streets at this time of night, but at half term, with teenagers on the prowl, surely some command decision could be taken by the “Boys in Blue” to keep our neighbourhoods safe.

After last week’s appeal for help towards the Poppy Appeal I can announce we have all the poppy boxes and collecting tins out into the local area.

A special enamel pin badge of a poppy and leaf with 1914–2014 is available from the static stands, The Berkley Hotel and here at the York.

Get these collectors items before they are sold out.