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Mick Dennison.
Mick Dennison.
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It was great to hear that the town was buzzing this weekend as a result of the Vintage Festival – put something on and they will come.

I suppose we have to wait for next year’s carnival now for our next influx of day trippers.

The feel good factor doesn’t actually spread out to the pubs on the periphery of the town and therefore I planned my weekend’s strategy on the televised sport for getting customers in. Unfortunately it was an international weekend and the whole of Europe’s elite club teams came to a grinding halt.

Never mind, I thought, Luton v Plymouth would get the pre-Morecambe match fans in on Saturday lunch. How wrong I was! Okay, the next day, Sunday would bring them out for Burton V Portsmouth, hardly a stampede for the bar! Considering both those games featured teams in Morecambe’s league it was strange not many were interested.

However, if a Premier League match is televised, people come out even though they may never have been to see that team live – it’s just good to be linked to winning teams: I suppose.

I tweeted a big thanks to Sky and BT Sports for emptying the pubs over the weekend to which Morecambe’s Business Relationship Manager for Sky tweeted back – “What should we be doing then”.

My first thoughts were for a refund on the almost £1000 per month that is paid between the two sports providers for loss of trade. I did mention that more of our League 1 and League 2 games could have been shown over the weekend – they are only allowed so many, he replied.

I was then given a list of great sports available. Open Tennis, Formula 1, Cricket and the International football matches on Sunday featuring Ireland and Scotland.

Again, I waited for the sudden influx of sports hungry customers and they didn’t turn up in numbers. Okay for leafy Surrey, useless for Morecambe.

It seems the sport of choice for pub goers is football and it has to be Premier League.