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Mick Dennison.
Mick Dennison.
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If you walk past the Town Hall this Thursday watch out for sparks flying from what should be a fiery Town Council meeting.

People running local businesses will be packing the public gallery as the subject of festival funding is debated.

This emotive subject is dragged up every year, and every year the budget seems to be cut.

But hang on a minute. Are we not supposed to be a seaside town, where festivals should be a strategic part of any summer season action plan?

Our hapless council and the real one across the river must be in league with the package holiday industry.

They do more to drive people away from our town than any advertising campaign on TV and the newspapers.

Jason Mills, the driving force behind the North Lancs Soul Festival puts it into perspective when he mentions the spin offs for the town.

Shops, cafés, hotels and pubs all benefit from the extra trade from festival goers. I will also say it gives the locals something to do as well.

There was a time when locals didn’t have the time to attend anything going on in the town - most were working in the tourist industry.

That, I’m afraid, doesn’t really exist in the town anymore.

I, like many others, will be waiting with bated breath regarding the councils £62k budget for their three events. One wonders what they will propose, you never know they may be the start of a great and glorious period for Morecambe. And then again I’m not holding my breath.

And what about all the annual events that have had funding cut, are they to be cast aside like the flotsam in the bay?

No, the hard working organisers will, again, dig deep into their own pockets to make sure they go ahead.

Sometimes when people get into a position of power in politics they forget who actually got them there - the electorate.

Maybe on Thursday at the council meeting our local politicians might just do something different. They may, for once, listen to the people of this town.