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Mick Dennison.
Mick Dennison.

I pose one question to all parents this week. ‘Do you know where your teenage children are, and what they get up to at nights?’

I only ask because of two incidents that I was privy to this weekend.

On Saturday at 4.15 in the morning, I was woken by a group of youths who were congregating in the York Bridge doctor’s car park. As you can imagine I wasn’t too pleased at being woken up at that time of day after a busy night working in the bar.

It was obvious they had been out somewhere celebrating the end of GCSE’s because of their age group. Where had they told their parents they had been and why were they being anti-social at that time of day?

Secondly, and more sinister was the gathering of youths outside the York at about 8pm on Saturday evening.

Boys and girls in the age group of about sixteen to seventeen were drinking from cans, wide eyed and spaced out, sat on the doorstep and generally obstructing the entrance to my customers.

Of course, abiding by the licensing objectives, the framework that every publican works within, I went to remove them from the step to which I was greeted with a torrent of abuse and vitriol that actually shocked me owing to the age of the group.

What ensued was a violent attack on me of which the police are now investigating.

All the usual things were quoted from the group. ‘You can’t tell us what to do. We are only sixteen and you can’t touch us.’ Etc, etc.

Unlike the earlier group, these were actually a bunch of feral no hopers who in time will probably be met will the full force of the criminal justice system.

Isn’t that a sad reflection on some of the youth of our town and in particular their “couldn’t care less parents”.

I have to praise the police in this matter and they were as shocked and saddened as I was at the mindless attitude of this group of youngsters.

So once again, I finish with this question – ‘Parents, do you really know or care what your teenagers are doing – right now?’