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Mick Dennison.
Mick Dennison.
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Oh well, another Bank Holiday over – great weather, or should I say typical weather?

I hope you all managed to have a good break. Remember though, we don’t get another one until August.

I only mention the Bank Holiday because I managed to find an exotic place to spend mine and I even got free transport to get there – the RLI.

Last Wednesday after unsuccessfully attempting to borrow a set of crutches from Coastal Medical Group, owing to an excruciating bout of gout in my knee, my wife used the NHS 111 number and within half an hour, I was in casualty. After an assessment and blood tests I was admitted to the Acute Surgery Unit just thinking I would spend a night and be released the next day.

As it all panned out, I came under the scrutiny of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology, Cardiology and Physiotherapy. I got poked, prodded, punctured, drained, monitored and assessed; I was a virtual pincushion.

It was the stubbornness of the medical receptionist at the Queen Vic that forced me into my first ever stay in an NHS hospital and I’ve got to say, despite me now having a few more things wrong with me than originally diagnosed – the experience has been very good.

From arriving in Accident and Emergency, to going on the ASU and finally being allocated a bed on the wards I have nothing but praise for the staff here at the RLI, I have seen nothing but professionalism.

All the people I have encountered work long hours but are cheerful and dedicated to their charges, despite all the negativity that’s said about our health system.

It’s great to see that all the taxes and NI that I and other hard working people in this town and country pay into the system, is being put to good use.

I hope I’m out soon as we have another great sporting weekend coming up. On Friday England play their first World Cup warm up match against Peru (8pm) and on Saturday it’s the Froch v Groves rematch.