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Mick Dennison.
Mick Dennison.
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You wait months for a day off then suddenly three Bank Holidays come along in quick succession – seems then a good time for another festival.

This weekend it’s the turn of the ‘Nice and Sleazy’ festival, which is being hosted once again by the Trimpell Sports and Social Club. It is, thankfully, a time when we at the York can look forward to some spill over trade from the punks and their families that visit our town for the weekend.

I left Morecambe before the original Punk Festivals began. When I left the town, it was still buzzing with live shows, family entertainment, and a fantastic market in Poulton. Without incurring the wrath of the market traders, how did we go from having a building named – The Festival Market with what, I believe, was an agreement to vacate a few days a year to allow festivals to take place.

From the anecdotes I’ve heard, it seems the town was buzzing, all the B&B’s, pubs and eating places were full with the visitors to our town having a great time. Now of course the scene has shifted owing to a reluctance from the traders to move out of the market, a case of the tail wagging the dog methinks.

Now call me daft, but when you are a market trader, surely you could take your stall out onto the streets and sell your wears for just a few days of the year – cant you?

It just means the Lancaster Road area of town, and The Bath, where they host some great bands get a welcome financial boost – once again, I ask whichever bureaucrats are in control of our town – just who is looking after the interests of Morecambe?

Before we kick off the Bank Holiday, there is an election looming. Ask the average person in town; they wouldn’t actually know it.

Yes, it’s time to vote for The European Parliament, that out of control political juggernaut which does have an influence on everything we do in this country.

If you don’t vote on Thursday, please don’t go into the pubs and clubs in town moaning. You have a vote – use it wisely.