Mick Dennison column

Mick Dennison.
Mick Dennison.

There was a collective roar around town on Sunday at about five o’clock as Manchester City lifted the Premier League Trophy, glory for them and for Liverpool a new future in the Champions League next season.

Normally that final Premier League game of the season sounds the summer death knell for pubs in the town as the traditional Saturday teatime/Sunday lunch football sessions end until August. However, there is still a lot of action to come throughout the next few months.

The play-offs reach a thrilling finale over the Bank Holiday weekend and then we are into the pre-World Cup friendly matches involving England. Sandwiched in-between is the FA Cup Final this weekend although there is little local interest and once again, TV has its way and is broadcasting the game at teatime.

Onwards to the World Cup and that opening game between Brazil and Croatia on Thursday, June 12 at 8pm. See, landlords have these dates and times indelibly etched on their brains as the build up and hype begins.

You only get a World Cup once every four years and therefore it is pub law that you go over the top.

There is no better place to watch the games than in the local with your mates then going home and letting someone else do the cleaning up. It actually, at times, brings whole families together and for once, the wife forgets she hates football as some young prima donna with better thighs than the husband thrills her to bits.

The opening game for England is on a Saturday night at 11 o’clock, a time when people are going to be a little worse for wear anyway. Let’s hope the pubs of Morecambe are prepared for the initial rush of punters early doors then the surge towards kick off time.

Finally, if you think that England don’t have a chance. Who would have thought a bloke in a frock and sporting a beard would win the Eurovision Song Contest for Austria? I now really believe in the expression “Pigs Will Fly”.