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Mick Dennison.
Mick Dennison.
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At last, it’s Easter and a chance for the publicans in the town to have a few days of decent trade – let’s hope it doesn’t snow.

The break comes early this week with a finish for most on Thursday, but it has still been a long wait since Christmas for a Bank Holiday.

We then get two more within a four-week period with nothing else until August. My eldest daughter lives and works in Spain, they seem to have a Saints Day or Fiesta nearly every few weeks – maybe it’s time for us all to get religious and demand more time off.

Driving along the promenade the other day I could have been misled to thinking we had an Easter break coming up and remembered the times many years ago when the whole town would be gearing up for its first long weekend.

It was exciting as a kid to see the two fairgrounds coming to life with rides receiving mechanical attention and a lick of paint applied to the surrounding woodwork. Deckchairs would be aired out and the many seafood stalls were opening. Restaurant and cafe owners would be stocking up with supplies and I’m sure that pubs had put in a double order of beer, wines and spirits.

If you landed in a spaceship from some far-flung Galaxy and someone had told you Morecambe was a seaside town you would be wondering why there was no pre-holiday buzz to the place. The promenade at best is a bit scruffy and at its worst quite derelict. I mean, how many cheap furniture and junk shops would you see in Bournemouth or Brighton’s seafront?

There are little gems to be found along the prom where hard working local business people are fighting to make a living and also providing some kind of seaside air to the town but at times, with a lack of things to do, they are fighting a losing battle.

So, I’m sure there will be the usual Sunday trot into town for many local people who will all try to cram into one pub before all meeting up in another and another later on.