Mick Dennison column

Mick Dennison.
Mick Dennison.

I read with incredulity this Sunday, in one of the popular red tops, of a hen party from Lancaster ending up having a catfight at 35,000 feet on board their aircraft taking them to Spain – well, that’s one way of getting the local area mentioned in the national papers.

Anyone who has flown out of Blackpool, Manchester or Liverpool over the past ten years or so will have come across parties of men and women in similar circumstances.

They are going on a stag or hen do; they are dressed up as for a fancy dress and at 5am in the morning, they are well on the way to being completely drunk.

Call me naive, but I must have missed the start of this craze of taking all your mates on a long weekend to some foreign destination, disrupting the lives of all those around you and not really getting much value from a booze fuelled couple of days. The same is seen every weekend in Blackpool, come rain or shine and to be honest; gives that particular seaside town a tacky image nowadays.

What does concern me is the amount of alcohol consumed on these stag and hen dos. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a killjoy and have enjoyed a few sherbets myself over the years but what should be the traditional last weekend of freedom for the bride or groom could end in tragedy owing to some so called show of bravado involving far too much booze. In this country, it is the duty of the licensee to prevent this from happening.

I’m sure their drinking games would take on a whole new meaning if a plan to make the industry display the units of alcohol consumed printed on the outside of beer, wine and spirits glasses comes to fruition. “Hey mate, I’ve just downed 12 units in 14 seconds – beat that!”

After many years in the wilderness, both Liverpool and Manchester City go head to head this weekend in the Premier League – filling the Morecambe sports led pubs with eager and nervous fans of these two clubs.

Why not get a bunch of mates together, visit your local and make an afternoon of it, as it’s a 1.30pm kick off but don’t forget to drink sensibly.