Mick Dennison column

Mick Dennison.
Mick Dennison.

I came back from my holiday to the usual mountain of mail but one item was worth looking into, as it was the promotional material for CAMRA’s latest campaign to drive the public back into pubs – Community Pub Month in April.

An estimated twenty-six pubs close every week across the country and it’s fair to say that a percentage of those closing will be Community Pubs. CAMRA are trying to raise the profile of pub-goers in April and are encouraging them to pop into their own community local during the month to show their support.

Of course, there should be an incentive to get folk in through the doors as sadly some people are not satisfied with just going to the pub for a friendly chat with the landlord and fellow drinkers.

People now want to be entertained as well, leading to the publican almost having to be a musical impresario in order to meet the needs of a demanding public.

The scenario of the pub staff and the customers working together for the benefit of the venue is what is required these days.

I find that linking a night or day of entertainment in with things like customer’s birthdays or key football matches for example tends to work better – there is a captive audience there already.

Whether you want a quiet pint after work, time with the family, a nice meal or just a game of darts or pool with friends – a great pub should be able to adapt to the needs of the community.

Please don’t let any more pubs in our area get onto that list of closures throughout the country.

After a dour midweek of hardly any televised football, we have a great Super Sunday to look forward to this coming weekend.

The Manchester United v Liverpool game should ensure a good Sunday lunchtime crowd for a lot of local pubs, that’s if the excesses of Saturday night don’t ruin the collective body clocks of late night revellers.

Arsenal v Spurs finishes off the day, so two cracking derbies to whet the appetite. Luckily I have enough rooms in the York to keep the warring factions apart.