Mick Dennison column

I had a very fruitful meeting with my old friend Steve Middlesbrough last week regarding the booking of Festival dates for the coming year.

Sadly, we won’t be seeing as much this year due to swingeing cuts to his budget. Steve is a “Morecambe Man” who has made good. He has a very good entertainment business with gigs all over the country and the world (he is performing in Florida later this year); he started his DJ career here in Morecambe in the early 70s and chases lost causes all over the town.

The question I ask is why does he still bother? He has seen the rug pulled under so many Festivals here in the town that to be honest I would have pulled out years ago – but he still carries on trying.

There are also other people in the town trying to drum up enthusiasm for events such as the carnival and again they have to jump through hoops to get any sort of funding.

The next question I ask is does this council actually want to have people coming into the town because without any sort of summer agenda there is very little to do in Morecambe.

However, independently there are still groups of enthusiasts putting on events with a scooter rally taking place in March, The North Lancs Soul Festival in May and also the Nice and Sleazy Festival over May Bank Holiday.

They never moan or care about the weather, – maybe the tourism chiefs in the council should attend these events and see how to run one properly.

Steve will soon be announcing his watered down festival dates and I have agreed to host the first night of the Blueswater Festival and the Mowtown Magic weekend.

As we were discussing these weekends we agreed to put on a “We Luv The 70’s” night on March 28, it promises to be a great event and it took us all of thirty minutes to plan out the idea confirming the date and time.

Please support all the events this year, a majority of people moan there is nothing on so enjoy what actually is.