Mermaid hightails it on theatre tour

The Morecambe Mermaid (Lisa Howard) and the clown (John Barber).
The Morecambe Mermaid (Lisa Howard) and the clown (John Barber).

A PLAY about Morecambe is off on a national tour.

Captain Murderer and the Morecambe Mermaid is an exploration of addiction, sexual exploitation, immigration and kiss-me-quick seaside cheekiness.

Created by Leeds-based theatre company Captain Mermaid, it tells the story of a drunken end-of-the-pier show owner and his star attraction, The Morecambe Mermaid (played by Lisa Howard).

The drunken Clown (John Barber) is trying desperately to tell his favourite story, a version of little-known Dickens short story, Captain Murderer, about a dastardly captain who marries women before eating them in pies, but it’s not going well.

His foul-mouthed daughter Tanya is more of a hindrance than a help and he could really do with a drink.

All the mermaid wants is to get back to the sea, but he’s got something that she needs.

Following their stories as they intertwine across Morecambe, from the beach to the fishmonger, a hotel lounge to their washed-up end-of-the-pier show, this new production is a fast-moving parade of puppetry and masks, illusions, projections and original songs.

See The Visitor (20-03-12) for full story.