Mediumship man comes to Lancaster

Tony Stockwell
Tony Stockwell
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Mediumship, an affective way of communicating with the dead, has been the brunt of criticism for many years.

Yet hundreds visit psychic events up and down the country every year.

For psychic medium Tony Stockwell it is all about communicating between loved ones.

At its best, mediumship has the potential to change someone’s life and to instil in them a sense of peace, comfort and purpose.

Tony Stockwell is not a new kid on the block and during his 25 years working as a medium he has constantly tried to 
“improve his game” and push the boundaries of his communication.

In that time he has been on umpteen television programmes and taught at some of the most respected schools for mediumistic development as well as setting up his own training school for developing mediums.

Ever since he was four years old Tony has sensed he was aware of spirits.

Tony is aware his work can come in for criticism, but 
believes his performance brings something the audience will look for.

He said: “There is a difference between those that are sceptical and those that are open minded but sitting on the fence, as the latter will enquire and will often come along to a show. 

“Some will go away convinced and some will not, that’s just how it is.

“For the hardened sceptic no proof will ever be enough and they will always find a way to explain away what they have witnessed.

“That’s fine with me, as that’s their path in life and this is mine, but I have the pleasure in knowing they will one day find out the truth about life after death. In the meantime them being sceptical is fine with me.”

The best advice Tony 
received was from his nan. He said: “I can remember my old Nan saying to me once never to forget to moisturise you neck and elbows, as they are always the first to go – and she was right about that.

“I can remember my old 
tutor, Joan, saying to me that you can only ever do your best and then you have to let it go.

“It’s natural to always want that message to be a little clearer, or you want that one last piece of information in any one message, but at the end of day you have to accept some messages are more concise and evidential than others. Any demonstration of mediumship is an experiment and results are not guaranteed.

The show comes to Lancaster Grand Theatre next Tuesday, October 20, at 7.30pm. Tickets at £22.50 for the first five rows and £18.50 for all other rows, available on 01524 64695 or via http://www.