Match made in heaven

Morecambe's Globe Arena
Morecambe's Globe Arena

Couples could soon be getting hitched at Morecambe’s Globe Arena.

The football club already hosts wedding receptions in The Wright and Lord Suite but if an application to approve the Globe for a wedding venue is granted, happy couples could be saying ‘I ‘ do’ in League Two.

Objectors have until May 6 to object to the application, which can be inspected at Lancashire Registration Services, Quayside Court, Chain Caul Way, Preston, between the hours of 10am and 4pm on normal working days.

Objections have to be submitted in writing to the above address or by filling in a notice of objection form.

Steve Lloyd, head of registration and coroners support services, said: “When people apply for their premises to be approved for marriages and civil partnership ceremonies, the rules say there must be a three-week period in which anyone can object to the application.

“Of course, the objections have to be valid, so for example minor issues over parking arrangements – while needing to be addressed – probably wouldn’t prevent an application from being approved.

“As I am what is known as the ‘Proper Officer’, ultimately, I make the legal decision about whether to approve premises.

“The sorts of things I take into account are whether the premises are a permanent structure, whether they are accessible, and whether they are ‘seemly and dignified’.

“When I approve premises, in effect I approve the rooms they contain as well as permanent structures within the grounds of a venue, such as bandstands and gazebos.

“As current legislation in England and Wales doesn’t allow couples to marry in the open air, the outside structures are a way of couples having more of an al fresco feeling while staying within the current law.

“But that does depend on the English weather – so couples need to be aware that if it pours down, we have to conduct the service indoors.”