Martial arts man’s heart surgery comeback

John Ward.
John Ward.

Quadruple heart bypass surgery hasn’t stopped a martial arts expert from running a half marathon in memory of his dad.

John Ward will take part in The Great North Run after suffering from heart disease, which killed his father and two uncles and also 
forced his brother to have bypass surgery.

John, who runs the John Ward School of Korean Martial Arts in Morecambe, will raise funds for the British Heart Foundation during the run this autumn.

“Everyone, especially me, was shocked when they heard I had to have open heart surgery,” he said. “I was a very fit person, as you would expect teaching martial arts for a living. But heart disease can affect anyone however fit you are as it is often a hereditary condition.If I hadn’t been as fit as I was through martial arts training I probably would not have survived this long as some of my coronary arteries were 95 per cent blocked.However, I managed to recover very quickly and was back in class teaching just three weeks after the operation.”

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