Making sure I am the voice of the self-employed

Picture: PA
Picture: PA
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Last week my nomination for the annual Tiffin Cup competition was accepted.

The Tiffin Cup is a competition which sets out to find the best Indian Restaurant in the UK and this year I have nominated Barbar Elephant. I know you will all join me in wishing Barbar Elephant the best of luck in the competition and I look forward to welcoming them to Parliament if they win the regional heat.

David Morris MP

David Morris MP

This week I returned to London to resume debating legislation. One of the main bills being discussed is the Finance Bill.

The Finance Bill allows for most of the changes made by the Chancellor in the Budget to become law. Legislation being debated includes the raise in tax free personal allowance and the raise in the minimum wage to a national living wage of £9 an hour to the over 25s by 2020, both of these measures will hugely benefit everyone in Morecambe and Lunesdale.

The Finance Bill also sets the rate of Corporation tax at a lower rate which attracts more businesses to the UK.

The Enterprise Bill which will also be debated in the coming weeks puts measures in place such as establishing a Small Business Conciliation Service to help settle payment disputes, cuts red tape by £10bn and consults on self-employment which looks at further steps to help those who are self-employed.

In both these bills there are measures to help people who are working and businesses both small and large to allow the country to prosper. As the Government’s self-employment ambassador, I will be engaging with the self-employment review and making sure I am the voice of the self-employed.

I am already working with industry and Government to simplify IR35 but if you are self-employed and would like to share your ideas with the process please write to me.