Make friends with hedgehogs

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APRIL is the time to get cracking in the garden or on the allotment, but you need to be vigilant because you could inadvertently disturb new born hoglets and hedgehogs coming out of hibernation.

It’s a good idea to make your garden or allotment hedgehog friendly because they are great devourers of snails, slugs and insects, and are welcome visitors to the garden.

Encourage hedgehogs by putting out bowls of food such as muesli mixed with water, nuts, sultanas, cake with drizzled honey, or cat or dog food.

Water is the best drink for hedgehogs but goat’s milk will do no harm.

Cow’s milk will upset the hedgehog’s digestive system if put out on its own so only use this if you are offering a mixed diet.

Leave a pile of leaves in a corner of the garden to provide temporary shelter for hedgehogs during cold snaps.

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