Magician Jamie Raven shares his love for Lancaster Grand Theatre

'What I love about magic is that there is absolutely nothing to compare it to.'

Saturday, 28th January 2017, 10:30 am
Jamie Raven at the Lancaster Grand Theatre.

These are the words of one magician who isn’t afraid of criticism or to try new things.

Ever since Jamie Raven finished runner-up on hit ITV talent show, Britain’s Got Talent in 2015 life has been a roller coaster of tricks, fame and success.

Now the entertainer will be putting Lancaster theatre-goers to the test when he pulls out two hours of magic and comedy.

Jamie Raven Live will visit the Lancaster Grand Theatre for the first time next month.

“I’m a massive fan of old theatres, so it was a no-brainer to come here,” said Jamie.

“I really like the Grand because it is so intimate here with magic, some of the theatres we do are really big because that’s the only theatre they have in town but when we have the option, we try to make it as intimate as possible.”

Jamie got his first taste of magic when he was a young boy on a family holiday in India.

A magician came over to Jamie and his friends in a restaurant and began to perform some card tricks.

“I learnt three tricks then and I was about ten and I am 33 now and now I know four,” joked Jamie.

“When I was a kid I remember watching magicians at parties, I remember all the kids would like to see how the tricks worked and I was just happy to watch it.”

Jamie soon became interested in TV’s Paul Daniels, David Nixon and Tommy Cooper. After meeting a friend in university who ran an events company Jamie’s magic career took off and he began 11 years of performing in comedy clubs and other venues.

But life changed when he auditioned for BGT in 2015.

“I have got this romantic view of the world, you can be anywhere you want in the world, you can choose where you go and if people choose to come to see you I think that as a performer, that is the greatest honour people can bestow on you,” said Jamie.

“That’s what I aways dreamed of.” And that’s what Jamie got.

As soon as Simon Cowell uttered the words “Some people believe in ghosts, I now believe in magic,” Jamie’s fame began.

Jamie said: “I remember standing there and thinking to myself, do you know what, that’s going to get me a free haircut, worst case scenario.”

His BGT audition has secured 68m views on YouTube. Among his performances he has entertained Virgin tycoon Sir Richard Branson, and graced the Emirates Palace, in Abu Dhabi.

Jamie said: “The Emirates stage is so big, it must be 20 times bigger than here, the lights were so bright.

“They had these walls that were gold painted and I jokingly said I might scrape those because there will be real gold in there and he said no you can’t there is.”

Before every show Jamie paces to calm the butterflies.

“I like to hear everyone talking, if they are talking it means they are comfortable,” he said.

“Whenever I do anything it’s purely for entertainment.

“If you are a magician, if you are any good, no one will ever see how good you are, they will never see the hours of practicing, and I love that, it tickles me.” Jamie will appear at the Lancaster Grand Theatre on Thursday February 23 at 7.30pm. Tickets on 01524 64695.