Love is a Drug for 
ex-Westlife member

Darren Milby and Markus Feehily.
Darren Milby and Markus Feehily.
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Did you know Westlife are one of the most successful pop groups ever?

In the UK they achieved 14 number one singles which is only bettered by Elvis and The Beatles.

Following their split a few years ago they have all been working on various solo projects.

Markus Feehily has been in the papers a lot recently, seen working at various music festivals cooking burgers in his catering van.

This year though, he may actually be singing at those festivals as he is back on the day job.

His debut solo single is not what you’d expect.

It’s a mature, soulful track about heartache and it’s about a world away from a Westlife ballad.

Markus came to visit us at The Bay to talk about his new song ‘Love is a Drug.’

He said: “With Westlife a style emerged early on and we kept to that style because it just kind of worked.

“But when I go into the studio on my own there are no rules.

“For me if I’m going to stand upon a stage I wanted a song that I genuinely believed in.”

Markus has been in the studio for some time working on the new material and hoping to get his album out before the end of the year.

He said: “My new stuff is really personal.

“I’m not the sort of person who can write happy, go lucky stuff.

“For me when something hurtful happens in my life or when things aren’t going well that’s when I’m inspired to write songs.” Westlife had a strong fanbase all round the world who bought their records and concert tickets in droves – so why give it all up?

Markus told me: “When you are in something like Westlife you have to give it 110 per cent and its full on.

“We’d all been doing that since we were 17 years of age and we didn’t want it to be the only thing we ever did.

“Plus I didn’t want to get bored and end up not enjoying it and going through the motions.

“To me it’s a sin to treat things like that.

“So we decided to call it a day and try lots of exciting new things.

“For me I always wanted to do a solo album and now I have the time.

“I’m doing my own songs, my way and I’m so proud of them.

“I loved my time in Westlife but after 14 number ones there was nothing left for us to achieve.”